about us

Our objectives have been achieved. We are committed to new projects for the future.

1995 marked the beginning of InmoRed as a property consultancy firm aimed as much for investors as users, rising to the challenge of be-coming a company characterised by the credibility of its performance, the trusted and lasting relationship with its clients, and the strictest confidentiality in all of its dealings. In just a few years these objectives have been achieved.

InmoRed has demonstrated with the service provided to its clients that trust can be achieved only thanks to the professionalism that is cha-racterised by the whole team.

In the property sector it’s easy to establish a company quickly. Howe-ver, InmoRed looks toward a long-term future, a project of services in which the most rigorous professionalism and relationship with its clients guarantees the stability and prestige of the company.

national network

InmoRed develops its philosophy by giving priority to honesty and credibility in Property Mediation coordinating a highly skilled and dedicated professional team.

InmoRed has partners in every county, extending its active network throughout Spain, addressing all the requirements of clients wanting to expand or simply wanting to establish themselves in the national market, achieving global and international cover.

international network

Moreover, InmoRed is integrated in the international property network with the objective of covering integral services at a global level, as much for Spanish companies that wish to expand to other countries as for international brands wishing to establish themselves in Spain. We are currently active in the following countries:


functional areas


InmoRed offers a complete Estate Management Service with the intention of improving the return on investment on the property through effective management processes to ensure the optimum preservation of its value.


It includes the management of location and development of property letting and the buying and selling of commercial premises, offices, buildings, industrial premises, shopping centres, department stores and leisure parks and, in the residential sector, commercial plots for property promotions.
One of the primary services of the InmoRed agency is the representation and expansion of traders which is currently experiencing heightened activity at the national level for certain InmoRed clients.
InmoRed is known for being the company leader in Business Expansion due to having not only the necessary experience but also the resources to attend to the needs of its clients.
Equally, through our international network we are in constant contact with our partners, enabling us to give immediate service, both for companies in their own countries and for international brands expanding into Spain.


This is a fundamental component of the company. It is the result exhaustive research and constant long-term follow-up of all the components that make up the national and international property market. This enables the clear establishment of the precise circumstances which surround each operation from the macroeconomic and market point of view. This market knowledge which represents our principal value add, allows InmoRed to find the best opportunities for establishment and investment, of association or repurchasing, by the local professionals and final users.
The studies produce the periodic publication of the reports and statistics, obtaining a permanent, essential update in order to be constantly aware of the market situation.


InmoRed aims to offer complete advice on investment possibilities in all aspects of the property market. It is directed principally at large property developers and building contractors, in addition to insurance companies, pension funds, property investment funds, institutional investments, societies representing investment groups, private investors, banks, building societies and financial entities.
To this end feasibility studies and project plans are made which also include competency analysis and social environment analysis which determines consumer trends.
Due to our expanding knowledge of our commercial customers we can locate investments in national and international premises at an optimum level.


InmoRed is able to successfully perform the tasks of the departments of expansion of the companies providing comprehensive and professional service.
Thanks to its knowledge of national and international property markets and its member and partner network, InmoRed can perfectly identify the potential locations for our clients in the main shopping streets and shopping centers.
We have successfully made expansion maps for our clients such as: CAOBA PERFUMS, CORONEL TAPIOCA, TRIUMPH, GERRY WEBER, INDITES, etc… in Spain and abroad.
As part of THE INTERNATIONAL RETAIL NETWORK, property network that covers major European countries and North America. InmoRed, can extensively perform the expansion goals of any International chain wishing to establish itself in Spain and, conversely, of any Spanish company wishing to expand into Europe and North America.


Preparation of valuation of personal asset reports, for both private investors and Institutions, official organisations, final users, facilitating industrial property studies, businesses, offices, residential areas, hotels and plots of land for their property development.